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Our Story

Codeity was started out of a coffee shop in 2013 with one mission: to make the hiring process less painful and doing so by owning the entire process. With extensive backgrounds in both scaling tech teams and also on the candidate side, our team set out to build a better solution to sourcing, managing, and onboarding top tech talent. Codeity was born as a two-sided platform for both developers and tech companies to have a less painful experience throughout the hiring process from initial match to hire.

Today, Codeity is a small core team of seasoned talent with domain expertise based in Venice Beach, CA. We are backed by a group of networked investors, along with advisors that are onboard to help reshape the way tech companies hire developers. We have come a long way since the first espresso-fueled napkin sketches and have a mission to make the hiring process less painful for both Developers and tech companies!

Our Team

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